About us

Our company

PremiumPrint.co.nz is the leading online company for custom business printing, signs, flags and banners in New Zealand. PremiumPrint offers high-quality, low-cost digital printing, as well as nationwide distribution of flags, banners, car signs, yard signs, marketing materials and more through its local and overseas production facilities. Our mission is to work hard to help small and medium new zealand companies to cut down on their marketing costs.  

Our active managing team includes our experienced sales and marketing managers, our enthusiastic graphic designer, and our creative and practical managing director to ensure that every project we undertake is run on the right track. Premiumprint.co.nz is owned by Web Solutions Ltd, New Zealand (New Zealand Company ID 4541839).

Managing team

We currently have three creative people in our managing team. We are expanding and looking for more people who like our idea. Please contact with us if you are interested.


Director & Marketing Manager

Shane Lin PhD

Strategy Manager & Sales Leader

Ross Niederer

Operations Manager

Elena Zou