"Low Margin, High Volume" 

  •  How can you make the price so low? 

PremiumPrint.co.nz is the leading online company for custom business signs and banners in New Zealand. PremiumPrint offers low cost graphic design and high-quality, full-color digital printing, as well as nationwide distribution of car signs, yard signs, marketing materials and more through its overseas production facilities.  

PremiumPrint also works with other high quality suppliers all over the world to bring to NZ a large selection of custom print products and really great prices on over 100 products that we sell.  

Orders & Vouchers

  • Do you offer any special voucher? 

We sometimes use grabone or treatme for promotions. Once you have the voucher, you can use it on our website when you order your product.

We also give vouchers to large quantity orders and our new customers. Keep opt-in our special offers so you won't miss all big deals.

  • How do I use these vouchers?

Spend one minute on this video and you know everything about ordering. Set the video to the high resolution 720p when watching.

TreatMe/Grabone Deals

  • How do I redeem vouchers from treateme or grabone? 

Spend one minute on the above video and you know everything about ordering.

  • How often will you have a deal on treatme or grabone?

Won't be so often. Our prices are very low in comparison to local printing shops. We use treatme and grabone to get more customers, not to make profits. 

Upload Artwork

  • Where should I upload my artwork or materials for design? 

You will find the "upload" button when checking out. We will check your artwork once we receive your order. We will contact with you if there is any issue in your artwork. In most cases, we will send you a mockup or final version for confirmation before printing. We may not contact with you if we find your artwork is just perfect. We start processing your order once we change the order condition to "PREPARATION IN PROGRESS". No change is allowed after that. 

  • How about if my artwork file size is quite big (more than 10 Megabytes)? 

In such a case, you should try to zip it first. If still not working, you may send to premiumprint.co.nz@gmail.com directly (Max 25M). You can use dropbox.com and send us the link for downloading if your file is bigger than 25M.  

  • Why did I fail to upload my artwork? 

One possible reason is the file size. The max is 10M. Another possible reason is your browser. Try to use Google Chrome instead. If you still fail to uploading it, you may directly send to premiumprint.co.nz@gmail.com.  

DIY Design

  • Where can I find the requirements for DIY? Do you provide any example for DIY designs?

You can find the design requirements on each product page. We also provide links for free template downloading on the product page. Any quesiton, please just send it to premiumprint.co.nz@gmail.com

  • What software should I use for DIY design? 

We suggest using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, or Corel Draw. GIMP or inkscape are also good and free. MS publisher is not recommended. MS word or MS powerpoint are not designed for this purpose.  

  • What format should I export? 

We prefer cdr, eps or ai. A high resolution (>200dpi) pdf, psd, jpg, or tif is also acceptable. For some large format print artworks, 100dpi might be enough. 

  • DIY must knows  

- Convert all texts to outlines or curves. 
- Use CMYK instead of RGB.
- Try to use the plain black instead of rich black if not very necessary


A normal order takes about 5 - 15 working days to process & deliver. The banner pen orders will be one week longer. If you have any deadline to meet, please specify it in the comment textbox when checking out. Or contact with us via "Customer Service" page first. If you have a very tight time frame, please use local service providers instead.