Flag Kitset, Small Windblade

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Custom Windblade Flag Kitset: 2.9m full fiberglass pole +  single/double-sided windblade flag + a ground spike + a strong carry bag. The flag is about 2.4 - 2.5m high from the ground after installation.

Printing Options:

- Single-sided with show thru, corect reading on one side and mirror on the other side. 

- Double-sided with blockout, 3 layers, correct reading from both sides

Base Options:

- Chrome plated steel ground spike with spindle, the most popular option for outdoor using. 

- Heavy duty iron cross feet with spindle + weight bag, 13kg with water.

- Large-size Chrome plated steel cross feet with spindle + weight bag, 15kg with water. 

- wall mount base, 62 degrees off the ground


$ 129.00 GST excl.

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